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Spoken English Classes in Lajpat Nagar


Courses Content 

Grammar            Vocabulary              Pronunciation             Adjectives

Proposition                 Parts of Speech               Communication Skills

                Accent Training                      Decision Making

Self Confidence            Time Management               Positive Thinking

     Questioning Skills             Interview Skills

Stress Management           Group Discussion             Public Speaking

             Debate                Speech                Presentation

VSL gives you results that the world can see

VSL English Club :

VSL for Personality Development and Spoken English is a professionally managed training firm engaged in personal development & effective communication training. VSL conducts industry relevant job oriented courses and offers placement to the participants. More than 10,000 students have been groomed and trained by VSL for Personal Development and Spoken English, and are professionally very well placed, all over India and abroad.


A World Class English and Public Speaking Course Institute

Our modules and methodologies are highly effective in creating fluency of speech, an endearing personality, enhanced self-confidence and job placements, post training.


VSL Focus Areas

Our highly qualified and experienced team of experts at VSL focus on :

All areas of English Language: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.

All levels: Basic, Mid-Level, Semi-Advanced and Advanced.

All segments : Public Speaking Skills, Personality Development, Interview Techniques, Group Discussions, Presentation Skills, Business English, Voice & Accent etc.


VSL Course Content

Some of the topics covered in VSL Trainings that prove very useful in your personal, social and professional sphere:

  • Routine and Everyday English – Day to Day conversations.
  • Business Communication – Drafting Letters, Reports, Emails, Notices, Applications, Classified Adverts & Professional Resume / Bio data / CV.
  • Grammar – Its practical usage and identification of commonly made mistakes.
  • Vocabulary – Word Power for social & professional usage; Idioms, Phrases, Similes and Metaphors; Usage of ‘global vocabulary’ and ‘words used worldwide’.
  • Creative Writing – Different styles of sentence structuring, basic to complex.
  • The Art of Paraphrasing – Smart phrasing, Sugar Quotes, Puzzling Terms & Popular Quotes.
  • Public Speaking – Group Discussions on current affairs and common topics; Debates; Extempore; Role Plays; Story Telling Sessions.
  • Presentation Skills – The Art of Speech and Narration (articulation, pronunciation & diction); Body Language (correct gestures, postures & facial expressions) etc.
  • Voice & Accent – Voice Modulation, Intonation and Neutralizing the regional touch in speech or mother tongue influence ( MTI ).
  • Idea Formation – How to develop spontaneity and clarity of thoughts and ideas.
  • Interview Techniques – Interview Attire; Business Etiquette; Knowledge of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and how to answer them convincingly; How to connect with the interviewer; How to do follow ups post the interviews.
  • Personality Development – Grooming & Appearance; Wardrobe Styling (power dressing for corporate and personal setup); Social Skills; Telephone Etiquette (code of conduct, mannerisms and greetings); Interpersonal Skills (understanding people and behavior, developing team spirit ) etc.
  • Mind & Motivation: Techniques to develop confidence, concentration, focus, discipline, positive thinking, self-esteem, good habits and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Management Principles– Time Management; People Management; Work Management; Leadership Skills; Principles of Success etc.
  • Marketing Skills – Handling customers & meetings; Convincing & Negotiation skills; Time Planning & Meeting Deadlines; Judgement Calls; Decision Making; Team Building; People Management etc.
  • Assistance in Jobs Placements


VSL Tools

VSL makes learning very simple and highly interesting through:

Interactive Sessions            Fun Exercises            Games

Role Plays        Group Discussions           Extempore

Quizzes            Competitions            Debates


A Great Environment makes for a Great Learning

The VSL study centre is well equipped with audio visual aids and ‘specially designed’ training and study material that simplifies learning immensely.



Energy, Enthusiasm, Conviction, Focused Approach, Timely Results and Personal Responsibility are some of the virtues VSL stands for – and it reflects throughout our training system.

We GUIDE, MENTOR, COUNSEL and MOTIVATE our students not only in subject knowledge, but also in their thinking patterns, helping them overcome their fears, doubts and inhibitions – preparing them holistically to excel in the world of cut throat competition.

No matter what age or stage of life you are at, if you have decided to improve, grow, rise and shine – we shall discover your hidden potential, develop your skills, strengthen your talents, and transform you into your BEST Version!


  • Fast Results

The VSL trainers are highly trained professionals having many years of industry experience. They are very quick to understand your actual requirement, where you exactly lack and how to raise your confidence level. They do not burden you with unnecessarily information. Knowing the rules and regulations of English language is fine, but to be considered a fluent English speaker, one should be able to apply the theory to practical use. Our uniquely designed training methodologies are very effective in helping participants groom their personalities and improve their English speaking skills in a very practical way, enabling them to strike impressive and smooth conversations on any topic, in any given environment – be it socially or professionally. We help you make a valuable impact, contribution and growth in your domain- at home, office and in your social circle.


  • Audio Video Aids

It is said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words

VSL makes learning fast and highly enjoyable through the right use and blend of audio visuals aids, along with other conventional methods.


  • Customized Courses

VSL is committed to your dream to learn as per your requirement

VSL designs its training content keeping in view your personal / professional / academic goals.

VSL offers a wide range of courses at all levels – ranging from beginners, mid-level, semi–advanced to the advanced level. The VSL course content is developed by an in- house team of experts to cater to the exact needs of its clients.

Whether you are a professional, a student, a housewife, a graduate, an undergraduate, a technical or a non-technical person – irrespective of your background or age group – as long as you are a willing learner, you are welcome on board !


  • Job Placements

VSL aims at COMPLETE Professional & Personal Growth

Training at VSL does not just stop at Confidence Building and Personality Development. VSL goes a step further in identifying the students’ strength areas, skill sets and areas of interest, based on which the students are prepared for interviews, and their resumes are sent to the companies best suitable for them.

Our students have been placed at some of the best organizations in and around the world.

  • Motivation and Mind- Management

The vision of VSL is self-improvement

Let us say, you are given the task of bringing down a wall and you have only one hour to do so. What would a smart person do? Well…he would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening the axe!

VSL believes, no great or fruitful learning can ever happen, unless the learner’s mind is sharpened and is able to retain the knowledge / information taught. To facilitate learning that lasts, VSL conducts sessions on Mind Management through Meditation.

It is known as Vishvas Meditation- the simplest, natural, original and easiest form of meditation and is conducted by a non-profit organization called Vishvas Foundation, all over India and abroad. This meditation process is very scientific and secular in nature- it does not refer to, nor promote any sect, religion, faith or ideology. Vishvas Meditation sessions are conducted all over the world totally free of cost, as a pure human service to the society. These sessions are conducted for the general public, as well as for schools, colleges, corporates, banks, hotels, hospitals etc. The participants consist of students, employees, doctors, scientists, teachers, homemakers, executives and top management.

The VSL students have been benefiting so much from the Vishvas Meditation sessions by Vishvas Foundation, that even after the completion of their courses at VSL, they continue to attend these meditation sessions at the VSL premises itself, totally free of cost, and enjoy its great and endless benefits. VSL has a separate meditation hall for its students.

This meditation process has rewarded our students with great benefits such as increased concentration power, memory power, will power, decision making power, clarity, inner balance, positive thinking and self-esteem.

In the final evaluation, it is your Mind Power that is the key to the Success you are looking for in the outer world, and VSL works on it, enabling all round growth and improvement of its students.

In the end, what is believed, is achieved!

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